Magnesium Sulfate
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 Molecular Formula: MgSO4nH2O(n=0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
 Molecular Weight: 120.37+18n (n= 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
 CAS No: 10034-99-8 (MgSO47H2O)
7487-88-9 (MgSO4 )

 Specification (Up to USP /BP/CP/EP Standard )

 Application:It is used in Pharmaceuticals, Food additive, Feed additive, Ferment, Plastics, Fertilizer , Commodity etcs.

 Function of magnesium sulfate:
Magnesium is the center element of chlorophyll,photosynthes can't go on without it. It is the activating agent of many enzymes,such as it can promote the metabolism of carohydrates,nucleic acid synthesis,the conversion of phosphate,etc.
It involves in the synthesis of proteins as an element of multi-core proteins,it's the transmission medium of genes as part of the composition of genes.
1.Magnesium sulfate for agriculture
Sulfur and magnesium can provide rich nutrients for crops that it contributes to crop growth and increase the output, it also helps to loosen the soil and improve soil quality.
The symptoms of lacking of "sulfur"and"magnesium":
1 )it lead to exhaustion and death if it's serious lacked;
2 ) The leaves became smaller and its edge will became dry shrinkage.
3 ) Susceptible to bacterial infections in premature defoliation.

2.Magnesium sulfate for stock raising
Magnesium is usually Fertilization among the early spring and the end of the year, until the grass can provide adequate magnesium ,it can also added in the feed and drinking water to meet growing demand of dairy cow's sebum, in order to improve the quality and quantity of milk cows.
3.Magnesium sulfate for daily life
1 ) It can shower in the feet or by adding appropriate amount of magnesium sulfate solution to wipe out athlete's foot, relieve muscle stiffness, rapid elimination of fatigue, while the skin becomes soft.

2 ) It helps reduce oily hair by adding an appropriate amount of magnesium sulfate in shampoo,and your hairs becomes supple.

3 ) It can be used as artificial snow for the filming drama group.

4.Magnesium sulfate used in medicine
Cathartic, anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling, detoxification,acesodyne, inhibit central nervous system, anti-convulsions, antispamodic .
5.Magnesium sulfate used in the industrial
It can be used in printing and dyeing, Industry,monosodium glutamate and yeast fermentation and as accessory ingredient for ABS and PVC resin
6.Magnesium sulfate whitch contains a small amount of crystal water or non-crystalline water can be used for organic synthesis and the desiccant and dehydration agent of feed and fertilizer.

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